Phoenix Seagaia Resort

One of Kyushu's largest resort hotels with a golf course

This is one of Kyushu's largest complex resort hotels that provides various services (e.g., fitness, club lounge, meetings, banquets and marriage ceremonies). Fireworks are launched here every day during the summer holidays and Christmas period. It is packed with food events for each season and experience programs (e.g., horse-riding, surfing and ceramics). There are also a wide range of restaurants available in the hotel. These include Japanese food, sushi, Italian food supervised by a famous chef, teppanyaki where you can eat Miyazaki beef prepared on a hot steel plate in front of you, and local cuisine that allows you to enjoy Miyazaki chicken and local sake.

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Basic Information

Address 880-8545 宮崎市山崎町浜山
Telephone Number 0985-21-1111(大代表)
Open Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
Check-in: 2 p.m.
Check-out: 11 a.m.
*Please refer to the official website for the opening information of the resort facilities and restaurants.
Access Bus: Direct bus from Miyazaki Airport and Miyazaki Port / 42 minutes by bus heading to Sheraton Grande from Miyako City
Car: Approx. 15 minutes from Miyazaki Station
Car Park Free parking lot available


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