Aya Evergreen Forest

Japan's largest evergreen forest zone where you can enjoy a peaceful forest walk

The forest of oak, chinquapin and Japanese beech that extends out in the northwestern part of Aya Town is Japan's largest evergreen forest zone. A pedestrian suspension bridge called "Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge" with a height of 142 m and a length of 250 m has been built here in Ayakawa Valley upstream of Ayaminami River. A surprisingly superb view extends out from the bridge. There is an approximately 2 km trail beyond the bridge. You can enjoy a peaceful walk through the forest on this trail.

Nature and Scenery

Basic Information

Address 880-1303 宮崎県東諸県郡綾町大字南俣5691-1
Telephone Number 0985-77-2055
Open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Until 6 p.m. from April to September)
Closures Open every day of the year
Price 350 yen for elementary school students and older
Access Car: Approx. 70 minutes from Takaharu IC and approx. 60 minutes from Miyazaki City
Car Park Approx. 100 spaces
Remarks Fees current as of October 2019
Website Website of Aya Town


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