Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo

A zoo where you can feel up-close to the animals

You can see approximately 1,200 animals in 100 species (e.g., Asian elephants, chimpanzees and lions) in this zoo adjacent to the Phoenix Seagaia resort hotel. Experiences that let you come into contact with small animals, a goat parade, a gorgeous flamingo show and other events are popular. There is even an amusement park in the zoo. There are 15 types of playground equipment. There is a pool only available in summer, restaurants and shops, so you can enjoy yourself for the whole day.

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Basic Information

Address 880-0122 宮崎県宮崎市大字塩路字浜山3083-42
Telephone Number 0985-39-1306
Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closures Wednesdays (Open on public holidays, the Golden Week holidays in early May, the spring holidays, the summer holidays and the winter holidays) and December 31
Price Admission fee: 840 yen for adults, 420 yen for junior high school students, 310 yen for elementary school students and free for pre-school children / Annual passport available
Access Bus: 45 minutes by bus heading to Phenix Zoo from Miyako City
Car: It is 20 minutes from Miyazaki Station. It is 1 minute after exiting Sumiyoshi Interchange on the Hitotsuba Toll Road. It is 10 minutes by taxi from Hyuga-Sumiyoshi Station (the nearest station)
Car Park 600 spaces for cars and buses (cars: 400 yen per day)
Remarks Popular events are held every day (e.g., walks and commemorative photographs with Asian elephants, and flying flamingo shows). Rental is available for strollers (fee required) and wheelchairs (free). There are three multipurpose restrooms in the park.
Website http://www.miyazaki-city-zoo.jp/univ/en/index.html


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