Kuramoto Aya Shusen-no-Mori

You can tour this sake brewery and try alcoholic beverages here

This is a tourist facility directly managed by a sake brewery. The facilities include a shop which offers alcoholic beverage tasting and which sells a range of Miyazaki Specialities, a brewery that allows you tor observe the wine production process, a glass workshop, a hot spring and a restaurant. The accommodation facility complete with Japanese cypress wood bathtubs in all rooms is attractive. You can also tour the sake brewing process by making a reservation.

History and Culture Shopping

Basic Information

Address 880-1303 宮崎県東諸県郡綾町大字南俣1800-19
Telephone Number 0985-77-2222
Open Differs depending on the facility
Closures Second Wednesday in December
Access It is approx. 60 to 70 minutes by bus heading to Shusennomori from Miyako City or Miyazaki Station. Get off at Shusennomori (the last stop).
Car Park 500 spaces
Remarks *Aya Onsen Teruha no Yu closes on the fourth Thursday of every month<br /><br /><br />
*Aya Natural Storehouse Museum closes every Monday (the next day if that is a public holiday) and for the New Year's holiday period
Website Kuramoto Aya Shusennomori


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