Fully Enjoy the City of Miyazaki! Time-honored and Classic Course

Fully Enjoy the City of Miyazaki! Time-honored and Classic Course-1
This popular course allows you to fully enjoy the leading sightseeing spots and foods of Miyazaki. You can also have fun at popular night spots if you stay overnight in the city
  • Suggested Time:About a 8-hour
  • Main modes of transportation:Drive・Walk


Miyazaki Airport

Miyazaki Airport-1

15min train ride

Miyazaki Station

Miyazaki Station-1

About a 1min walk

New Tourist Information Center

Begin your trip by gathering information
New Tourist Information Center-1
The tourist information center in front of the station has tourist brochures and sells tickets for unlimited rides on buses in the city.


Fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce: a dish that originated in Miyazaki!
The famous local food of Miyazaki is fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce. This is a wonderful dish that will stir your appetite. It is a dish in which freshly fried chicken is dipped in nanban vinegar before plenty of tartar sauce is poured on it.

About a 30 min drive


Mysterious island surrounded by beautiful natural scenery
Aoshima is a small island with a circumference of about 1.5 km. Aoshima Shrine is located in the center of the island. The strange wavelike rocks that surround the island are the highlight here. They look like giant washboards, so they are called "Washboards of Demons." They have been designated national natural monuments. More than 200 types of plant (e.g., subtropical plants) grow on the island.

About a 10min walk

Aoshima Shrine

A shrine known for marriage on Aoshima
Aoshima Shrine-1
Aoshima Shrine is located on Aoshima. It is famous as a shrine which answers prayers for marriage. Many couples and women visit this shrine from all over Japan. The heart-shaped artworks in the grounds of the shrine, the ema wooden plaques which are hung up after visitors write their wishes down on them and love fortune telling slips that predict love are popular. If you go to the center of the island, there is a mysterious shrine. There is also a place where you can pray for good luck by tying string with different colors depending on your wish or by throwing earthenware dishes in a special place.
  • Address 889-2162 宮崎県宮崎市青島2丁目13番1号
    Telephone Number 0985-65-1262
    Open Visiting hours: From 6 a.m. to sunset (The time in the evening changes depending on the season)
    Closures None
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About a 3min walk

Devil's Washboard

Incredible wavelike rocks surrounding Aoshima
Devil's Washboard-1
A mysterious rock surface appears stretching out 100 meters offshore along the coastline at low tide. You can also enjoy finding creatures hiding in the rocks at this time.

About a 5min walk

Miyakoh Botanic Garden Aoshima

Colored by gorgeous seasonal flowers
Miyakoh Botanic Garden Aoshima-1
You will find many colorful tropical trees and flowers here (e.g., bougainvillea and jacaranda)! You can try smoothies, parfaits and fruit juices made with ripe mangoes in the café in the park.

About a 5min walk

Aoshima Swimming Area

A leading beach of Miyazaki!
Aoshima Swimming Area-1
This beach bustles with people enjoying swimming and marine sports in the summer. It is also popular as a surfing spot.

About a 30min drive


An entertainment district where you can enjoy the food and alcohol of Miyazaki
The restaurant district in the center of Miyazaki City is called Nishitachi. This area is the largest entertainment district in Miyazaki City with more than 1,500 restaurants. Many lanterns are hung on both sides of the street, so there is a retro and warm atmosphere. You can savor the food and alcohol of Miyawaki (e.g., local chicken, Miyazaki beef and shochu (Japanese spirit)).


Savor the food of Miyazaki in Nishitachi - Miyazaki's largest entertainment district
Miyazaki Prefecture is said to be a treasure trove of food ingredients. Nishitachi is lined with various restaurants. Visiting just one would be a waste. Eat up the food of Miyazaki in restaurant after restaurant!


Stay in the area around Miyazaki Station and the area around Nishitachi!
We recommend you stay in the area around Miyazaki Station where transportation is convenient and the area around the Nishitachi which is the largest entertainment district in Miyazaki.


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