Let’s go camping in Miyazaki! Recommendations for camping.-1

Let’s go camping in Miyazaki! Recommendations for camping.

What is the appeal of camping in Miyazaki?

The ocean, the mountains, all nature in Miyazaki is very beautiful. Camping is a popular way to experience firsthand the wonder of the natural environment. Grab some delicious vegetables and meat from the local supermarket, then head to your chosen campground. Everyone has their own style of camping; you can enjoy barbecuing, walking in nature, or simply just relaxing. In Miyazaki, there are camping grounds for more experienced campers, but there are also many camping spots that are good for beginners. You can choose one that suits you!

Recommended camping spots in Miyazaki

In Miyazaki you can enjoy camping not only in the mountains, but also by the sea. From north to south there is approximately 400km of coastline where it stays warm and doesn’t accummulate any snow because of the Kuroshio current. For this reason, camping is popular even in winter. There are also many famous surf spots, meaning you could spend your days surfing while camping.
  • camping villa PILLOWS(Miyazaki City)

    This campground is on top of a hill that looks out onto the expansive ocean. You can choose from ground sites or wood deck sites. Day use is also available, as well as a BBQ area and surfing school by reservation. There is a café restaurant and a park, so there are many ways that you can enjoy this campground.
    Address Miyazaki-shi, Uchiumi, 3983 Cinema Heaven
    Map code 274 896 074*11
    Access 30 minutes’ drive from the Miyazaki Expressway Miyazaki Interchange

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  • Miyazaki Shirahama Auto Campground(Miyazaki City)-1

    Miyazaki Shirahama Auto Campground(Miyazaki City)

    The theme of this campsite by the ocean is ‘Let’s go see the 365 colors of the sea’. The types of accommodation available are: cabins, auto campsites (vehicle accessible), and a tent area (you can set up your tent anywhere within the designated area, there are no individual sites). There is also a small library, so you can relax with a book during your stay!
    Address Miyazaki-shi, oriuzako 6600-1
    Map code 843 132 346*46
    Access 20 minutes’ drive from the Miyazaki Expressway Miyazaki Interchange in the direction of Aoshima. 30 minutes’ drive from the center of Miyazaki city.
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  • Camping at Ebino Plateau(Ebino City)-1

    Camping at Ebino Plateau(Ebino City)

    One of the quintessential camping spots in Miyazaki is Ebino Plateau Camp Village. The campground is located at the base of Mount Karakuni in Kirishima Kinkowan National Park, approximately 1200m above sea level. Mount Karakuni is an active volcano so you can witness the impressiveness of nature as you watch the white clouds of water vapor rising up from the mountain.

    Ebino Plateau Camp Village
    Address Ebino-shi, ooazamatsuei 1470
    Map code 376 386 720*68
    Access 30 minutes’ drive from Ebino Interchange
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  • Calm Lanai Harbor(Nichinan City)

    This is a popular place for glamping, tucked away in a quiet and secluded area. There are different styles of accommodation to choose from including cottages, tents, and campervans. You can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or enjoy marine sports such as stand up paddle boarding or sea kayaking.
    Address Nichinan-shi, hirano 8338
    Map code 274 259 524*78
    Access Approximately a 1 hour drive from the center of Miyazaki city
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