Warm up the heart by Nishitachi Warm up the heart by Nishitachi

Warm up the heart by Nishitachi

The special warmth of Miyazaki, even at night.

Warm up the heart by Nishitachi

An oasis for the common folk and cultured alike.

About Nishitachi

A level of hospitality unique to Miyazaki

Mayor's comment

Nishitachi Gourmet

  • Champion of the Wagyu Olympics! Miyazaki Beef
  • A Miyazaki Original! Chicken Nanban
  • A Miyazaki Specialty! Charcoal-grilled Chicken
  • For a Miyazaki Late-night Snack, Fresh-cooked Udon
  • Divine Dessert, Mango Parfait
  • The Heart's Delight, Nanjakora Mochi

A Guide to Dining in Nishitachi

Nishitachi Boys And Girls

We Look Forward to Your Visit

  • SARAI Charcoal Grill and Japanese Cuisine

    SARAI Charcoal Grill and Japanese Cuisine Yuka and Ayumi

    We offer a dining experience that's delicious and fun.

  • Local Chicken and Fresh Fish HIDE

    Local Chicken and Fresh Fish HIDEHideki

    We specialize in tasty sashimi and the finest selection of sake!



    Now in our 30th year in Miyazaki! Enjoy the flavors of a long-established favorite!



    Enjoy fine yakiniku in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Seasonal Dining and Grilled Chicken GION TACHIBANA

    Seasonal Dining and Grilled Chicken

    Our pub-style restaurant specializes in grilled chicken.

  • RANBOU Charcoal-grilled Chicken (Kaminomachi branch)

    RANBOU Charcoal-grilled Chicken (Kaminomachi branch)Mayu

    Our chef grills chicken to perfection!


    TOGAKUSHI UdonYumi

    Specializing in fresh-cooked udon for 50 years! Enjoy a taste of Miyazaki!

  • Teppanyaki KUROKI

    Teppanyaki KUROKIAkio

    We serve carefully selected Miyazaki beef, along with fresh, seasonal seafood. Single diners welcome!

  • KAYA Yakiniku

    KAYA YakinikuManager

    Enjoy Japan's finest Miyazaki beef with our selection of delicious Miyazaki shochu.



    Local Miyazaki chicken grilled right at your table!

  • Japanese Bar BANCA

    Japanese Bar BANCAYuri

    Enjoy our popular cocktails based on 15 types of house-made fruit vinegars. Stop by for lunch, too! (Reservations required.)

  • HITOTSUBA Miyazaki Main Branch

    HITOTSUBA Miyazaki Main Branch

    Try our traditional bone-in grilled chicken thighs!


    Enjoy our famous tsukune (chicken meatballs) with Miyazaki's finest shochu.

  • Seasonal Cuisine and Sake YUZU-AN

    Seasonal Cuisine and Sake

    We have a full line-up of fruit wines we hope lots of women diners will enjoy!


    Dining MITSUBACHIAyami

    Enjoy our unique take on local Miyazaki ingredients!

  • Sumidokoro ICHIRYU

    Sumidokoro ICHIRYUHaruka

    Ask for me when you visit--I have lots of dishes to recommend!

  • Yakitori BANZAITEI

    Yakitori BANZAITEI

    Enjoy the flavors of Miyazaki in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Seasonal Dining GENPEI RYOSUKE

    Seasonal Dining GENPEI RYOSUKERyosuke

    Using the freshest ingredients to create the finest seasonal flavors!

  • AUBE Teppanyaki TSUMUGI

    AUBE Teppanyaki TSUMUGIYasuto

    Crisp, juicy meats cooked to perfection using our high-heat grill and charcoal.

  • HIROKIYA Ramen (Kiten Bldg. branch)

    HIROKIYA Ramen (Kiten Bldg. branch)Yuka

    Women love our welcoming atmosphere!

  • GOKURAKUYU (Miyazaki branch)

    GOKURAKUYU (Miyazaki branch)Sawako

    Enjoy a natural hot springs bath, followed by a meal from our extensive menu! We also offer fresh seasonal produce and fruit.

  • Izakaya YAMAJI

    Izakaya YAMAJITaisho

    Our shochu sommelier can offer the shochu of your choice from among 80 varieties.

  • ZAO


    A unique combination of local Aoshima fish and traditional country cooking!

  • TORI NO SATOKenichi

    Local chicken and house-smoked specialities.

  • ODEN Dining HANAHO

    ODEN Dining HANAHONaho

    Locally produced Miyazaki salt makes our oden special!

  • Chicken and Seafood KUROKIYA Main Branch

    Chicken and Seafood KUROKIYA
    Main BranchHazuki

    Try our fresh Miyazaki chicken charcoal grilled with our homemade red yuzu pepper sauce.

  • Seasonal Cuisine and Sake YUI

    Seasonal Cuisine and Sake YUIIzumi

    We offer cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients!

  • Creative Dining FUJINOYA

    Creative Dining FUJINOYAAsaka

    We look forward to welcoming you in our relaxed, home-like atmosphere!

  • Kakushigura GUNKEI (Main branch)

    Kakushigura GUNKEI (Main branch)Mio

    I love the way our unique, unrefined salt brings out all the flavor of our grilled chicken and other ingredients.



    We look forward to serving you only the freshest seafood.

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