Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoological Park

Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoological park


This zoo contains 1,400 specimens of 155 different animal species such as the Asian elephant, chimpanzee and lion.

This zoo also has become the forerunner in Japan for “heterogeneous breeding” of giraffe, zebra, ostrich, etc. There are events where you can interact with small animals such as Tokara goats and rabbits, as well as a brilliant flamingo show, which are gaining increasing popularity with visitors.

There is also an amusement park, pool (summer only) and restaurants.


Opened: March 24, 1971 (run by Miyazaki City since September 2001)
Location: Hamayama, Yamazaki-cho, Miyazaki City
Area: 130,000m²
us/Take the bus from Miyako City bound for Phoenix Zoological Park. It takes 45 minutes.
Car/20 minutes from Miyazaki Station
URL: http://www.miyazaki-city-zoo.jp/univ/en/index.html
Telephone: +81-985-39-1306 (Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoological Park)
Parking: Yes (400 yen)
Toilets: Disabled toilet available

*Need asistance for wheelchair as there is a steep hill.
*Please check the Miyazaki Cizy Phoenix Zoo website for admission fee and open hours.

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