Heiwadai Park

Heiwadai Park


Heiwadai is a beautiful park with seasonal flowers and greenery that spreads out across hills 60m above sea level.

The park includes the Peace Tower that looks down over Miyazaki City, the Haniwa Garden that is filled with an ancient atmosphere, paths that takes advantage of natural forest and undulating hills and an area for athletics.

Heiwadai Park


Construction of the park in 1939 to celebrate the 2,600 anniversary of the imperial era.  The Peace Tower (with a height of 37m) was completed on November 15, 1940. The area of the base is 1023m². Designed by Jitsuzo Hinago and with a construction cost of 670,000 yen. It became the sister park of Hibiya Park in Tokyo in August, 1965 and was awarded with doves from this park.

Heiwadai Park

Haniwa Garden

This garden is located in the forest north of the Peace Tower and has an area of 9,000m². On top of a burial mound shaped embankment haniwa burial statues from all areas of Japan were once excavated. Now, 400 earthenware replicas of these statues are set around the garden to help evoke an ancient atmosphere

At the time of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, Heiwadai Park was the the starting point for the second part of the torch relay in Japan. An Olympic cauldron still remains from this time.


 Established:    February 13, 1940        
Location: Shimokitagata-cho, Miyazaki City
Area: 68.8ha
Bus/ 25 minutes from Miyako City bound for  Heiwadai. Get off at Heiwadai.                            
Car/Approx. 15 minutes from Miyazaki Station, approx. 35 minutes Miyazaki Airport. 
Telephone: +81-985-25-7410 (Prefectural Park Association)
Yes (in 3 places) 
 *There is one space for people with disabilities in the 1st parking lot. 
Parking lot, inside the park (the rest house toilets have a disabled toilet)              
*Wheelchair rental available
*Diaper changing toilet in the men's toilet (in the parking lot next to the rest house) 

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