Horikiri Pass & Roadside Station "Phoenix"

Horikiri Pass & Roadside Station "Phoenix"


Here you can view Nichinan coast's most magnificent scenery, with the Pacific Ocean spread out below, wave-shape rocks along the coastline and shore lined with Phoenix palms.

Roadside Station “Phoenix” (formerly Phoenix Drive-In)

Break spot in Nichinan Beach Drive with flower blossoms.  Beautiful flowers blooms in tropical atmosphere.

1F: Souvenir  and softcreams with local herb , shrimp and mango flavor.

2F: Restaurant

3F: Sight View Floor

Go down the sidewalk will lead you to the "Oni no Sentaku Ita" beach.

>Horikiri Pass & Roadside Station


In the honeymoon boom period of the late 60s and early 70s, Aoshima, the Nichinan coast and Horikiri Pass became major tourist destinations

At that time, Phoenix Drive-In, as it was called, was a popular destination Currently, it still remains there, although it is now called Roadside Station “Phoenix” (since April 16, 2005).

>Horikiri Pass & Roadside Station


Location:   Banchi-1, Uchiumiazamiike 381, Miyazaki City
Area: Approx. 6ha(total floor space 991.5m²)
Transportation: Bus/ 35 minutes from Miyako City by bus bound for Nichinan. Get off at Horikiri Pass.
Telephone: +81-985-65-2773 (Phoenix Co., Ltd. management)
+81-985-65-2785 (2F Restaurant Horikiri )
Open Hours: 9am - 6pm (varies depending on the season)
Holidays: No
Parking: Parking at Horikiri pass:  Free
Parking at Roadside Station “Phoenix”: Free. (Disabled parking spaces also available)
Toilets: No:  At Horikiri Pass (*Use the toilets 1km south at Roadside Station “Phoenix”)
Yes:  At Roadside Station “Phoenix” (toilet for wheelchair) 

*If you use the national highway 220 bypass, be sure to check the road signs (turn into an old road whilst going uphill).

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