Awagigihara Forest Park, Citizen's Forrest

Awagigihara Forest park, Citizen's Forrest


The expansive Citizen's Forest park covers 10km from north to south. 

Within this 30 hectare forest there are rest areas, flowerbeds, pathways, lookout decks, playing fields and kiosks.

Bicycles can be rented for free for use within the park (the administration office handles the renting of recycles).

Awagigihara Forest Park, Citizen's Forrest


In the iris garden that has 200,000 flowers composed of 160 different kinds of iris, the “Iris Flower Festival” is held every year at the end of May/beginning of June when the flowers come into bloom. 

During this festival various types of performances can be seen such as open-air tea ceremonies and Japanese harp performances. The Japanese iris is the flower of Miyazaki City. 

Awagigihara Forest Park, Citizen's Forrest

Seasonal Flowers

From the beginning to middle of February 220 plum trees
From the end of May to the middle of June 200,000 Japanese irises
From the beginning to middle of June 1,000 hydrangeas
From the end of December to the end of February 340 camellias

Spiritual Location

Legend has it that Misogi-ike is the location where Izanagi no mikoto performed a “Misogi” purification ceremony. Also, on the south side of the park stands Eda Shrine, which is mentioned in the Engishiki written during the Heian period. In recent years, many people have visited here for its spirituality and on the weekends you can listen to volunteer tour guides give descriptions of the area.  


Established:    October 7, 1968
Location: Awagigahara-cho, Miyazaki City
Area: 3,740,000m²

Bus/ 40 minutes by bus from Miyako City bound for Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoological Park.

Get off at Citizen's Forest.

Car/ Approx. 15 minutes from Miyazaki Station..  40 minutes from Miyazaki Airport.  

Telephone: +81-985-39-7308 (Citizen's Forest administration office)
Parking: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Others:  Free bicycle rental available for 1 hour (rental desk at administration office)

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