Miyazaki Seaside Park

Miyazaki Seaside Park


At the north of Hitotsuba Beach, Miyazaki City, lies this marine resort facility that is used as a center for recreational activities. Yachts and cruising boats are anchored at Sun Marina Miyazaki, and at the man-made beach “Sun Beach Hitotsuba” you can enjoy swimming and experience marine leisure activities (reserve in advance) in the summer.


Open:    July 7, 2001
Location: Shinbeppu-cho, Miyazaki City
Area:  40ha
Telephone: +81-985-62-2665 (administration office)
Transportation: Car/ approx. 10 minutes (5km) from JR Miyazaki. 
Parking: Yes with ramp
Toilets: Yes (disabled available)
URL: http://www.m-sunmarine.jp/

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