Takaoka Hot Springs, "Yasuragi No Sato"

Takaoka Hot Springs "Yasuragi No Sato"


"The bathing areas, called “Moon Bath” and “Heaven Bath”, have a versatile selection of baths. Each area includes a sauna, open-air bath and the kind of hot water used is change weekly. You will have great fun using these various kinds of baths.

In addition, there is a health care room (odd dates are for men and even dates are for women) as well as special baths.


Location:   1953 Oyamada, Takaokacho    
Open Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (Closed every Thursday. Open on national holidays)

Take the bus from Miyazaki Station bound for Ogashira.

Telephone: +81-985-82-5454
Parking: Yes
Toilets: Yes. In the building, near the baths, at the back of the restaurant (with disabled toilet, diaper changing table)


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