Miyazaki Resort Hot Springs "Tamayura no Yu"

Tamayura no Yu


Miyazaki Oyodo Kahan Hot Spring “Tamayura no Yu” is a natural hot spring with a temperature of 45.6℃ that was developed at the same time as the hotels that line the riverside of the Oyodo River. After relaxing in your hotel, you can hit the downtown nearby or take a stroll in Tachibana Park whilst taking in the view over the river. The secret to enjoyment of Miyazaki Resort is basically being able to soothe your body and soul in comfort.

Spring Type: Mildly alkaline, sodium chloride

Effects: Skin beautifying effects, neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruising, sprains, hemorrhoids,  poor circulation, chronic digestive disease, illness recovery, health improvement, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, physically weak children, chronic gynecological disease


  (1)  Hotel Plaza Miyazaki
1-1 Kawahara-cho, Miyazaki City - TEL +81-985-27-1111

 (2)  Miyazaki Kanko Hotel
1-1-1 Matsuyama, Miyazaki City - TEL: +81-985-27-1212

 (3)  Hotel Kanezumi
66 Adzuma-cho, Miyazaki City - TEL: +81-985-25-3455

 (4)  Hotel Hamaso
151 Adzuma-cho, Miyazaki City - TEL: +81-985-24-3019

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