Miyazaki Shrine

Miyazaki Shrine


The enshrined deities worshipped here are Emperor Jimmu along with his father, Ugayafukiaezu no mikoto, and mother, Tamayori-hime.

This neat and clean looking shrine with a flowing construction is made of Sano cedar.

At the Toshin Garden, there is great Wisteria, which is estimated to be more than 400 years old, and is designated a natural treasure.

On the northern edge of the shrine forest, there is a prefectural museum, archaeological center and old prefectural folk housing that has been preserved and reconstructed.

Miyazaki Shrine


Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival
This festival takes place over a weekend at the end of October every year and is also popularly called “Jimmu Sama”. Starting from the shrine and heading downtown, this parade has different processions such as Shinko and Shinshin, that look like scenes from historical picture scrolls.
There is also the famous “Shanshan horse” parade, with brides riding on top of decorated horses.
At night, Tachibana-dori becomes pedestrianized and is filled with stage events, etc.

Miyazaki Shrine

Yabusame (horseback archery)
This festival is held every year on April 3, at the Yabusame horse-riding ground under the full bloom of cherry blossoms. Knights in Kamakura bushido costumes aim to hit targets whilst atop a galloping horse.
If the bull's-eye is hit, confetti will fly out from the target and the spectators will burst into rapturous applause.

Miyazaki Shrine

Shrine Legend/History

At first, Emperor Sujin's palace was erected. Then at the time Emperor Keiko went to fight in the Kumaso war the shrine was built. After, during the time of Emperor Ojin, an elderly Hyuga Kuni no miyatsuko (official) ruled and area became peaceful. The main shrine was erected in 1197 by a Tsuchimochi lord and construction was renovated in 1644, 1813 and 1839.

It was renamed Miyazaki Shrine on May 1873 and became the prefectural shrine.

Its name changed again in November 1878 to Miyazaki Temple and then was promoted to a Kanpei-taisha (a highly-ranked imperial shrine) on 24 April, 1885.

On July 4, 1913, its name was changed back to Miyazaki Shrine.


Established:    October 20, 1907    
Location: 2-4-1 Jingū, Miyazaki City
Area: 251,945m²
Transportation: Bus/ 20 minutes by bus from Miyako City bound for Miyazaki Shrine. 
Car/10 minutes from Miyazaki Station and approx. 30 minutes from Miyazaki Airport.
Telephone: +81-985-27-4004 (Miyazaki Shrine Office)
Parking: Yes
Toilets: At the parking lot entrance and at the sideways of shrine.   Both have disabled toilet with ramp

*The the ramp becomes muddy on rainy days.
 *Assistance necessary .
 *Rental wheelchairs at the office

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