Aoshima Shrine

Aoshima Shrine


This shrine on Aoshima is known as a shrine for marriage.

There is a beautiful statue of Benzaiten, one of Hyuga's seven lucky gods, holding a biwa (you can view this by booking in advance).

The deities enshrined here are Hikohohodemi no mikoto (also known as Yamasachihiko), Toyotama-hime (Princess Toyotama, wife of Yamasachihiko, daughter of the god of the sea) and Shiotsuchi-no-Okina (old man of the the sea).

Aoshima Shrine


It is not exactly clear when the shrine was built, but it was noted as a  “Emperor Saga's Gyoagamematsuru Aoshima Daimyojin (a kind of god)“ by Kokushi official inspection notes on “products of Hyuga”. It is said that it was enshrined before the year 820.

In ancient times, the whole island was sacred ground and until the Edo period entry onto the island was not permitted. 

Entry onto the island was only permitted from the 16th day of 3rd month to the end of the 3rd month of the Chinese calender. Also, it was forbidden for people from other regions to pray there.

After that, from May 23 of the 2nd year of the Genbun era (1737) permission was given for others to pray there and then the shrine gathered visitors from throughout Japan.

Aoshima Shrine

History of the Shrine

The shrine has been rebuilt many times. the 3rd year of the Bunki era (1503) by castle master Tadasuke Ito, and then restored and renovated in the Eisho, Tensho,  Jokyo, Kanpo, Meiwa, Bunka, Meiji eras and also in the 10th year of the Taisho era.

The main hall was destroyed by fire on February 13, 1974. The current main hall was rebuilt on December 15, 1974.

Aoshima Shrine


Coming-of-Age Day in January, Aoshima Shrine Hadaka Mairi (Naked Shrine Visit)

The Sea Crossing Festival at the end of July


Established:   1501  
Location: 13-1, Aoshima 2-Chome, Miyazaki City
Area: 4,450m²


Train/ 10 minutes walk from JR Aoshima Station.
Bus/ 5 minutes walk from Aoshima bus stop on the Aoshima Line.
Car/ 25 minutes from Miyazaki Station.
Telephone: +81-985-65-1262(shrine office)

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