Eda Shrine

Eda Shrine


Two gods, Izanagi no mikoto and Izanami no mikoto, are enshrined in this ancient shrine that was written about in the Engishiki in the early 10th century. In recent years, many worshippers visit here as a healing spot.

The name of this shrine appears at the beginning of the Norito chant used at shrines nationwide. Izanami-no-mikoto who had fled Yomi, the underworld, being pursued by Izanaki-no-miko, washed himself in the pure water whilst reciting the Norito chant. As he cleaned of the impurities of the underworld here, this area is known as the “birthplace of purification and the “birthplace of Norito”.  

The beginning of the Norito chant
“Gods of the purification altar! You that were created when the awesome great God Izanagi Swept and purified himself at Tachibana Odo in Awagigahara...”
Roughly five minutes walk to the north of the shrine alongside Phoenix Seagaia Resort and inside the Citizen's Forest lies Misogi-ike.


Location:   Awagigahara-cho 127, Miyazaki City    
Telephone: +81-985-39-3743 (shrine office)
Bus/ 40 minutes by bus from Miyako City bound for Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoological Park. 
Car/ Approx. 15 minutes from Miyazaki Station .
Parking: Yes
Toilets: Yes

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