About Aoshima

Aoshima is a small island, with a circumference of around 1.5 kilometers, that is surrounded by strange rock formations called the "Devil's Washboard".

The Island is connected to Aoshima Swimming Beach on the mainland via “Yayoi Bridge”. The island includes plenty of lush sub-tropical vegetation.
Putting together native and intentionally cultivated spermatophyta, there is a total of different 226 species on the island, this includes 74 families, 174 species, 2 sub-species and 5 forma. In addition to this, there are also 17 kinds of fern plant, making a final total of 226 species.



Designated A National Special Natural Treasure

Designated as a national treasure on March 3, 1921 (“Aoshima Tropical Plant Locality”)

Designated as a special national treasure on March 29, 1952. Its name was changed to “Aoshima Sub-Tropical Vegetation”. 

The  factual backgroud:

1. The ”Shipwreck Naturalized Plant Theory”(”shipwrecked” seeds and seedlings drifted up on the Sea of Japan current from the Philippines, China, and Taiwan, taking root on the island and gradual became lush.)

2. The ”Residual Theory”(before the Neogene period, high temperatures were suitable for the plants to flourish and in this blessed environment and climate they continued to reside.)



Special Natural Treasure Designation: March 29, 1952 
Location: Aoshima, Miyazaki City
Area: 31,000m²
Transportation: Train/ 10 minutes  walk from JR Aoshima Station.
Bus/ 10 minutes walk from Aoshima bus stop on the Aoshima Line. Car/ 25 minutes from Miyazaki Station.
Telephone: +81-985-21-1791 (Miyazaki City Tourism Association)
Parking: No cars entry.  Please park near the the entrance alley, neighbor toll parking, or JR Aoshima station free parking slot (8:00-17:00).
Toilets: Near the entrance alley.  For wheelchair please use the toilet at the beach.

*Cars cannot enter the island. Please use the parking lot on the road that leads up to the entrance of the shrine.

*The enshrined deity at Aoshima Shrine on the center of the island is Hikohohodemi no mikoto, known from the legend of Umisachi and Yamasachi.

*The parking lot in front of JR is free. It is 3 minutes walk to the entrance of the road leading to the island.

*There is parking and a disabled toilet at the Aoshima history and culture square, 7 minutes walk to the entrance of the road leading to the island.

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