Welcome to Miyazaki!

Welcome to Miyazaki!
Miyazaki city is located in the center of Miyazaki Prefecture and has prefectural government office.It also has full of sightsee and leisure spots which provides tourists a viariety of memories and excitements.Miyazaki 's local chicken , beef and fruits will give special delights.
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Aoshima,Seagaia,City area

Miyazaki has many historical sightsee and leisure spots.It has its own tropical nature and historic gifts.

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Miyazaki Cuisine

Local chicken grills,MIyazaki beef,Fruit

Miyazaki has variety of foods which heals body and soul.Local chicken grills, beef, ripe mangos and many more delicious quality foods are grown in this rich tropical land.

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Guide of Hotsls and Stays